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Federal And New York Minimum Wage Laws - 1586 Words

A Federal District Court judge in Manhattan ruled in June of 2013, that Fox Searchlight Pictures had violated federal and New York minimum wage laws by not paying production interns, it was a case that could radically affect the long-held practice of businesses to rely heavily on unpaid internships. The judge had decided that Fox Searchlight should have paid two interns on the movie â€Å"Black Swan,† because they were essentially regular employees. The interns were made to do basic chores usually done by paid employees. The interns were made to take lunch orders, answer phones, track purchase orders, and take out the trash. The judge noted that these internships did not provide an educational value and that the studio received the benefits of the work (Greenhouse). The â€Å"Black Swan† case epitomizes the recent trend in case of unpaid interns. Interns are used as â€Å"free labor† and being treated unfairly. The â€Å"Black Swan† case was the first in a series of lawsuits filed by unpaid interns. Internship is a period of work experience offered by an employer to give people (usually college students and graduates) exposure to the working environment. It gives them an opportunity to get first-hand experience. The growing need for practical learning led to the emergence of internship. It helps to bridge the gap between theoretical knowledge and hands-on experience. Internships in any form- paid, unpaid or co-operative learning has now become a standard practice for college students. It hasShow MoreRelatedThe Minimum Wage Policy During The United States1714 Words   |  7 PagesNews stories abound with demands from workers, organizations, and lawmakers to increase the federal minimum wage. Headlines throughout the country highlight recent minimum wage policy changes in major cities such as Los Angeles and Seattle. Last month, Governor Andrew Cuomo of New York announced an approved minimum wage increase to $15 an hour for all fast food workers in the state (McGeehan). Even the website for the White House has a separate page, â€Å"Raise the Wage,† advocating for Congress to increaseRead MoreShould The Minimum Wage Be Paid?993 Words   |  4 PagesMany case in USA suffering from the very low hourly payment according to Talk poverty: As wages go down, the percentage of workers relying on public assistance gets higher: 60 percent of workers earning less than $7.42—only slightly higher than the $7.25 federal minimum wage—receive some form of means-tested public assistance. Overall, 70 percent of the benefits in programs meant to aid non-elderly low-income households—programs like food stamps, Medicaid, and the Earned Income Tax Credits—go toRead MoreMinimum Wage : Low Skilled And Young Workers1553 Words   |  7 PagesIntroduction Minimum wage, a program created to help the poor, has every contrary effect to its well intentions. Throughout the history, people who hurt the most during minimum wage hikes are the low-skilled and young workers. Drastically raising minimum wage is meaningless as high inflation usually comes alongside with wage increases. Past economic statistics have shown that the rate of increase in inflation usually outpaced the rate of increase in minimum wage. Thus, the real value wage workers receiveRead MoreEconomic Outcomes Of Raising The Federal Minimum Wage1489 Words   |  6 Pagespercent of all wage and salary workers. Among those paid by the hour, 1.3 million earned exactly the prevailing federal minimum wage of $7.25 per hour. About 1.7 million had wages below the federal minimum. Together, these 3.0 million workers with wages at or below the federal minimum made up 3.9 percent of all hourly paid workers†(Ratio of Minimum Wage). The Federal minimum wage drives debate am ong people today, and with many wanting the federal government to raise the minimum wage to fifteen dollarsRead MoreThe Minimum Wage War1167 Words   |  5 Pages121 bills. Among these bills was a landmark law in the United States’ social and economic development—Fair Labor Standards Act of 1938 (FLSA) or otherwise known as the Wages and Hours Bill. This new law created a maximum forty-four hour workweek, guaranteed â€Å"time-and-a-half† for overtime hours in certain jobs, banned oppressive child labor, and established the nation’s first minimum wage. By definition, a minimum wage is the lowest wage permitted by law or by a special agreement (such as one withRead MoreState and Federal Systems of Government Essay1705 Words   |  7 PagesState and Federal Systems of Government MGT434 May 29, 2006 State and Federal Systems of Government Labor and employment laws define US workers rights and protect s employees from employers retaliation for exercising our rights under the laws or reporting violations to the proper authorities. As Bennett and Hartman explain, these laws Â…seek to make the power relationship between employer and employee one that is fair and equitable (Employment Law for Business, pg. 88). Employers haveRead MoreEffects of Increasing Minimum Wage Essay988 Words   |  4 PagesThe idea of having a federal minimum wage is a good one. The idea is to protect low and unskilled workers from discrimination and allow all workers to earn a living wage. The recent debate on the floor, though, is whether or not to raise the minimum wage from the current $7.25 per hour up to $10.10 per hour. President Barack Obama made this proposal during his annual State of the Union Address on January 28, and following this there were many hot debates about it. The debates focused not only onRead MoreShould Minimum Wage B e Raised?1062 Words   |  5 Pagesever pressing question regarding Minimum wage. Not many subjects can ignite a controversy as quickly as that of whether or not minimum wage should be raised, or by how much should it be raised or if it should remain the same. What is minimum wage? By definition, minimum wage is the minimum hourly wage an employer can pay an employee for work. (â€Å"MinimumWage.com†) America’s minimum wage was first introduced by President Franklin D. Roosevelt in 1938. That minimum wage was introduced as part of the FairRead More The Minimum Wage Should Be Eliminated Essay700 Words   |  3 PagesThe minimum wage is something that F.D.R. put in place a long time ago during the Great Depression. I dont think it worked then. It didnt solve any problems then and it hasnt solved any problems in 50 years. -- John Raese In the United States, the federal government maintains a national minimum wage to protect the purchasing power of ordinary workers. It seems good that the government protects your purchasing power by adjusting the minimum wage with respect to the inflation rate. ItsRead MoreEssay on The Role and Function of Law758 Words   |  4 PagesThe Role and Function of Law Law plays of significant role in the operation of a successful business and society. One of the characteristics of law is that is â€Å"creates duties, obligations, and rights that reflect accepted views of a given society† (Melvin, 2011, pg. 4). Law also helps businesses resolve disputes that have to do with the rights of the business and citizens (Melvin, 2011, pg. 4). Obtaining an understanding of the legal system can help businesses gain a competitive edge, as well

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The House On Mango Street Essay - 1298 Words

Long has the image of the traditional American family been stamped into our minds. The image of a perfect family has been a staple for popular television shows and commercials hawking everything from luncheon meat to microwaveable TV dinners. It is a far reaching concept known by almost anyone living in the country, all over the world and people considering immigrating to the US. It is a fabricated dream, which does not truly exist. It is merely a false goal, striving to achieve this standard, and the aesthetic of the lifestyle is one which has been heavily marketed and changes frequently with the times. Sports utility vehicles, pristine lawns, massive backyards and home security systems are marketed as necessities for the modern American†¦show more content†¦As a result, the daughter suffered in her formative years. She didn’t have the money to hire a nanny or a husband to support her while she stayed to take care of the baby. Aside from being sickly, her relationship with her mother suffered. At times she was emotionally detached from her mother a nd her capacity for learning was somewhat hindered. nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp; nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;This situation illustrates a non typical family compared to the standard American family. A girl growing up in the traditional American family would be in a comfortable situation. During her early months her parents could pay for child care that is not sub standard like that which Emily attended. Typically, her budding relationship between mother and child would not be severed or disrupted by the circumstances created by other factors such as the mother leaving her child while she was working. The child would be close to her mother emulating from her and learning from her. Her mother and father are financially well off, so if the daughter shows any signs of psychological trouble they can choose to send her to a therapist. For Emily, the daughter in I Stand Here Ironing, she was mired in despair, forced to live away from home with her father’s relatives, stuck living in a repressiveShow MoreRelatedThe House On Mango Street861 Words   |  4 Pages The House on Mango Street The House on Mango Street,written by Sandra Cisneros, deals with a mexican girl named Esperanza, who grows up and dreams big in Chicago. Cisneros uses imagery, theme, and symbols to describe many things from Esperanza s perspective. Imagery is used to describe items and people in a meaningful way. Cisneros uses various themes to show various ideas and beliefs. The symbols used describe objects and figures to portray ideas on a deeper level. Cisneros employs unique literaryRead MoreThe House On Mango Street1802 Words   |  8 Pagesovercoming them. In The House on Mango Street the main character Esperanza is the one that narrates the story, she explains what it is like to live on Mango Street. She shows the readers that living on Mango Street is perceived as a terrible area, if one were looking from the outside in. But those that live there feel that they live in fair living conditions. The fact is most of the people who live on Mango Street don t know what it s like to live outsid e of mango street. In the story, they showRead MoreThe House On Mango Street2609 Words   |  11 Pagesin Harper Lee’s To Kill a Mockingbird and Esperanza in Sandra Cisneros’ The House on Mango Street experience the ideological maturity toward womanhood while encountering problems most do not face until adulthood. Living in conservative Alabama where racial tension is high, Scout must learn to be compassionate when her father Atticus Finch defends African-American Tom Robinson against a white woman. Growing up on Mango Street, an impoverished neighborhood of Chicago, Esperanza faces being a poor, coloredRead MoreHouse on Mango Street1087 Words   |  5 Pageschose a path of life. In â€Å"The House on Mango Street†, Esperanza is forced to think about leaving Mango Street in the future, because she is surrounded by women who are pushing her to become an adult.   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚   The first example is Cathy, who knows all the dangers of Mango Street. â€Å"She lives upstairs, over there, next door to Joe the baby – grabber. Keep away from him, she says. He is full of danger.† (Cisneros 12). Cathy tells her what to avoid on Mango Street, and about the people on it. AndRead MoreThe House on Mango Street600 Words   |  3 PagesThe short story by Sandra Cisneros revolves truly around the tittle â€Å"The House on Mango Street† and how her family moved from places to places to get there. The recollection of the street names her family lived on and how every time they moved â€Å"there’d be one more of us† added to the authors focus of emphasizing how important the word â€Å"home† meant to her throughout the story. The family of six included Mama, Papa, brothers Carlos and Kiki, and sister Nenny. According to the author’s memory, sheRead MoreThe House On Mango Street1290 Words   |  6 Pagesconscious catches up. Each generalization contains different factors, leaving the choice of what factors to leave in and which to leave out. Causing a difficult confrontation of what to believe and what to forget. In Sandra Cisneros’ novel, The House on Mango Street, the universal process of rapid cognition inherently affects stereotyping and discrimination perpetuating gender and racial inequality. Humans obtain the ability to quickly read facial expressions and generalize personality traits. This isRead MoreThe House on Mango Street1062 Words   |  5 PagesThe House on Mango Street Esperanza saw self definition as a struggle, the struggle for self-definition is a common theme, and in The House on Mango Street, Esperanza’s struggle to define herself underscores her every action and encounter. Esperanza must define herself both as a woman and as an artist and her perception of her identity changes over the course of the book. Esperanza portrayed a vivid picture to the audience of her surroundings, the people she encountered, and her interpretationRead MoreThe House On Mango Street1992 Words   |  8 Pagesare both there to show us who we are. The House on Mango Street is about a girl named Esperanza, and she is trying to find her place on mango street, and her place in life. Her life is impacted, in good ways and bad, by every person that she meets. We follow her, her family, her friends, and others in her journey of living on mango street, and experience her growing, developing, and experiencing the life made for her. In the book The House on Mango Stree t by Sandra Cisneros, we see a constant tensionRead More The House On MAngo Street953 Words   |  4 Pagesold people are constantly forming the essentials that affect their self-awareness through their daily activities. Forming one’s identity is an ongoing process, because every person in the world can change people one way or another. In The House on Mango Street, the experiences young Esperanza faced day to day develop her true individuality. Young people are easily persuaded and if someone so desired, they could mold them into the person they want. Commonly, young children develop their identityRead MoreThe House on Mango Street1195 Words   |  5 Pagesgovernments, individuals, and communities would be radically transformed. While this is a beautiful image, communities will never fully reach this aspiration. Sandra Cisneros shows the positive and negative effect of community on human growth in The House on Mango Street when Esperanza subconsciously reads the four skinny trees as a stand-in for herself. The layer of concrete surrounding the roots of the trees is a metaphor for the barrier between Esperanza’s success and her community. These four skinny trees

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Gender Identity - 1341 Words

Gender Identity Autumn Messina PSY/340 January 24, 2011 Melynda Marchi Gender Identity The development of our gender identity is influenced by both the biological nature of a person and society, but the biology is the foundation of our gender identity. In the following paragraphs I will be discussing the interaction between hormones and behavior, and how these interactions affect the determination of gender identity, the roles of biological factors nature and environmental influences, nurture on sexual differentiation and gender identity and which has the greater influence on gender identity: nature or nurture. Hormones and gender interaction will argue that biological psychology and environmental†¦show more content†¦As has been noted with the similarities between sexes when considering the chromosomes, we are left to conclude that the environmental influences are more affecting of sexual differentiation, but only on a superficial or general premise. For instance, if it is encouraged for girls to be more nurturing, they will grow up thinking that is how they are supposed to act. That does not mean that nurturing is caused by the hormones, but rather is caused by the environmental influences. Apart from the obvious differences in sexual organs of males and females, there are surprisingly very little differences between men and women on a psychological level. While we can theorize that women are more sensitive than men, these are usually sweeping generalizations and are not linked to biological influences caused by hormones, but rather are caused by the environment they grow up in. We can attribute the roles of culture and society to many of the ways that men and women act, and so there is significantly more influence from the nurture side when it comes to how males and females interact in the world than the nature side. However, during growth, the hormones play an important role in deciding the sex of the growing baby, as well as producing differences in sexual organs. So it is clear that there are two distinct influences on the bo dy, namely during growth and secondly during childhood. So we can conclude that while gender biological hormones at theShow MoreRelatedGender And Gender Identity And Development1303 Words   |  6 Pagesthroughout the years. However, gender identity and development is something that has been both misunderstood and misconstrued by people for quite some time. The differences between â€Å"gender† and â€Å"sex† is quite vast. According to John Carl: Gender is defined as the personal traits and position in society connected with being male or female. For instance, wearing high heels is associated with the female gender, while wearing combat boots is associated with the male gender. Gender is different from sex becauseRead MoreGender And : Gender Identity Disorder1287 Words   |  6 PagesGender Dysphoria, formerly known as Gender Identity Disorder, is described by the DSM-IV as a persistent and strong cross-gender identification and a persistent unease with ones sex. However, gender identity is not diagnosed as such if it is comorbid with a physical intersex condition. Gender dysphoria is not to be confused with sexual orientation, as people with gender dysphoria could be attracted to men, women, or both. According to an article written by, Australasian Sciences there are fourRead MoreThe Concept of Gender and Gender Identity1223 Words   |  5 Pages I am interested in the concept of gender and the deeper meaning of being considered a transgendered person. I feel that a lot of people do not know or care to know about these topics on a more in depth level. People who close their eyes to the idea that a person could be born with the physical aspects of a male yet have the psychological aspects of a female and vice versa, tend to be the ones who say that those people are going against nature or god. Discriminating against people on the principlesRead MoreGender And Gender Identity Disorder2178 Words   |  9 Pageswe re born, our gender identity is no secret. We re either a boy or a girl. Gender organizes our world into pink or blue. As we grow up, most of us naturally fit into our gender roles. Girls wear dresses and play with dolls. For boys, it s pants and trucks.† (Goldbur g, A.2007) However, for some, this is not the case. Imagine for a moment that you are a two year old boy drawn to the color pink, make up, and skirts. If this is the case than most likely, you are experiencing Gender Dysphoria, otherwiseRead MoreGender Identity Essay965 Words   |  4 PagesGender Identity Society should be more open minded with the topic of gender identity. Our society does not like rapid changes when they are publicly made; there is always a dispute or an opposition against those unexpected changes. The LGBTQIA+ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, intersex, and asexual) community is the â€Å"rapid change† that society finds difficult to deal with. Although, this community has always existed, but it has never been publicly recognized like it is today. Gender IdentityRead MoreEssay Gender Identity1902 Words   |  8 PagesGender Identity Gender identity is an extremely relevant topic today. Many people have their own ideas on what is right and what is wrong for each gender to act, and these people are very vocal and opinionated about their ideas. One recent controversial story about gender identity was when a couple refused to tell anybody whether their child named Storm was a boy or a girl. Their oldest child, Jazz, who was originally born male, â€Å"always gravitated to dresses, the colour pink and opted for long hairRead MoreExploring Gender Identity And Gender Roles1809 Words   |  8 PagesEXPLORING GENDER IDENTITY, GENDER ROLES HOMOSEXUALITY Abstract Gender identity display people’s understanding of themselves according to cultural definitions of female and male. In this essay I will attempt to enhance our understanding by exploring different aspects of gender identity, gender roles sexual identity issues. Relying mostly on my research that is conducted in the U.S. EXPLORING GENDER IDENTITY, GENDER ROLES HOMOSEXUALITY Exploring Gender Identity, Gender Roles HomosexualityRead MoreGender Identity : Gender And Masculinity Essay1509 Words   |  7 PagesGender plays an enormous role in every society around the world. There are debates about whether gender is defined by strictly biological characteristics or social attributes. Others argue that gender is a spectrum, rather than the dichotomy of male and female. Masculinity and femininity are sets of attributes, roles and behaviors that are associated with men and boys and girls and women, respectively. Both masculinity and femininity have specific traits that are both biologically and socially definedRead MoreRacial Identity And Gender Identity879 Words   |  4 Pagesdons a pink bow on his head to become â€Å"Erica.† Meanwhile, Randy Marsh (as known as Lorde to most and Stan’s dad) must battle with his gender identity and that of his music as women at his work are uncomfortable with sharing a bathroom with him, therefore he must rece ive his own against his wishes. While both Cartman’s and Randy Marsh’s struggles with their gender identity revolve around the use of a bathroom, through the juxtaposition of the actions of shooting a school and becoming transgender, theRead MoreSocialisation, Personal Identity, Gender Identity And Gender Roles1313 Words   |  6 PagesSocialisation, Personal identity, Gender Identity and Gender Roles: Boundless.com defines ‘Socialisation’ as â€Å"a term used to refer to the lifelong process of inheriting and disseminating norms, customs and ideologies providing the individual with the skills and habits necessary for precipitating within one’s society, thus the means by which social and cultural continuity are attained† (Boundless.com, 2015). The process of socialisation involves an individual such as an adolescent to have interactions

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Nursing for Feelings and Clinical Knowledge -myassignmenthelp.com

Question: Discuss about theNursing for Feelings and Clinical Knowledge. Answer: The nurse is expected to show adherence to the NMBA standards of nursing practice. The primary responsibility is related to access, analyze and a thorough use of best available evidences for a safe and quality nursing practice. The nurse should have considered Jordans hypersensitivity to opioid drugs and effects of these drugs on the diarrhea symptoms. The nurse should also have developed a safe practice by thoroughly reflecting on previous experiences, feelings and clinical knowledge related to adverse effects upon administration of the synthetic opioid pethidine. Family members play an essential role during clinical decision-making process, which in turn facilitates healthcare professionals to gain a sound understanding of the preferences and demands of a patient, thereby facilitating optimal health outcomes. The nurse should have communicated with the patients family and understood their experiences and culture before administering the drug. Compliance to appropriate policies, legislations and guidelines should also have been shown before deciding upon administration of pethidine. Policies of the organization regarding maintaining patient confidentiality, and properly disclosing relevant consent and personal information of the patient should also have been followed. Ethical frameworks of the organization, and a timely documentation of the patient assesement records are other major responsibilities. The vital signs assessment, CT scan and pathological tests should also have been conducted in a holistic way that is culturally appropriate. Skin colour, lesions, texture, reflexes, orientation, grip strength and pupil size should also have been measured. The nurse is also expected to use a plethora of assessment tools for measuring the physiological status of Jordan. Another major responsibility is related to forming an effective partnership with other healthcare professionals such as, the general physician, surgeon, gastroen terologist and paramedical staff. An effective collaboration between all healthcare professionals would have provided a sound understanding of the underlying risk factors that predisposed Jordan to the current physiological abnormality. This collaboration would also have helped in citing the potential adverse effects of pethidine treatment that might directly influence the wellbeing and health of the patient. Further responsibilities are associated with development of a comprehensive nursing plan that based on relevant evidence suggesting benefits and implications of pethidine in treating such digestive disorders. Combining this evidence with clinical expertise, followed by a thorough documentation and evaluation of the nursing plan on identifying previous history of hypersensitivity, COPD, respiratory depression and acute alcoholism, should have resulted in modifying the nursing plan. During administration of pethidine, it was necessary to practice within the scope of nursing practice that promotes delivery of safe and best quality care service. The nurse should also have delegated enrolled nurses for improving Jordans health outcome. Further responsibilities are related to an accurate monitoring and evaluation of his progress upon pethidine administration, followed by a revision of the nursing plan on encountering side effects or contradiction. The pathogenesis of Chrons disease involves a dysregulation of the proinflammatory response to commensal bacteria present in the gut. Major characteristic features include transmural inflammation pattern that is defined as presence of inflammation that spans the entire depth of the walls of the intestine. A microscopic examination of the biopsy of affected colon indicates presence of mucosal inflammation that is characterized by neutrophil associated focal infiltration. This inflammation is generally observed in areas that overlie the aggregates of lymphoid cells. Mononuclear cells, in combination with the neutrophils are found to infiltrate the crypt cells that lead to inflammation, commonly referred to as crypititis. Weight loss can be attributed to the fact that loss of appetite often occurs due to the disease or side effects of medications. Furthermore, abdominal pain and nausea also result in reduced appetite. Further weight loss can be associated with avoidance of certain food items to dodge major symptoms. Weight loss can also occur due to gastrointestinal protein loss, malabsorption and an increase in expenditure of energy. Excessive nutrient loss due to intestinal bleeding or diarrhea also lead to weight loss. On the other hand, formation of strictures can be attributed to building up of scar tissue in the walls of small and large intestine. This scar tissue develops due to prolonged inflammation that occurs in Chrons disease. This inflammation results in damage, repair of which leads to formation of scars. Building up of these scar tissue in similar regions of the intestine led to development of strictures. The intravenous Hartmanns solution and ringers lactate solution is a mixture of sodium lactate, sodium chloride, calcium chloride and potassium chloride in water. It is used for replacement of electrolytes and fluids among patients reporting hypotension and a low volume of blood. Major characteristic features include its use as a fluid resuscitation agent after a patient suffers blood loss sue to surgery, trauma, or burn related injuries. This chemical imbalance occurs with renal failure of acute loss of fluids from the body. Fluid balance is an essential aspect of the human body that helps in homeostasis maintenance. Vomiting and diarrhea, as reported by Jordan, result in dehydration, which in turn disrupts the electrolyte and fluid balance in the patients body. This results in dehydration as a consequence of fluid loss. Thus, intravenous administration of the Hartmanns solution was an accurate step for managing and maintaining fluid balance in the body.

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Short Happy Life Of Francis Macomber Essays -

Short Happy Life Of Francis Macomber One theme present in Ernest Hemingway's short story, "The Short Happy Life of Francis Macomber", is that the way a person views his life can change completely in one fulfilling moment, if only for an instant. This is a story of a man's continuous display of cowardice, his wife's retaliatory love affair, and his recovery of integrity and pride as he bravely faces a charging buffalo. Francis Macomber is a prominent American businessman with a beautiful, dominating wife who holds the control and power in their marriage. At the start of their safari trip to Africa, Francis Macomber is regarded as a coward and endures the embarrassment from his own cowardliness during the hunt, the disrespect from his wife, as well as a feeling of weakness when compared to Robert Wilson, his safari leader. He regains his integrity and confidence when he faces a charging bull only to have his life cut short when his fires a bullet through the back of his head. At the start of the safari, Francis Macomber must endure the embarrassment of his own cowardliness during the hunt. He is first presented in a "mock triumph", since he had only "half an hour before, been carried to his tent from the edge of the camp in triumph on the arms and shoulders of the cook, the personal boys, the skinner and the porters. The gun-bearers had taken no part in the demonstration" (DiYanni 337). This is evident that Macomber has withdrawn from his prior hunt for a lion and has already been recognized as a coward in the eyes of the gun-bearers. They do not wish to pretend along with everyone else that Francis deserves praise for a lion that he supposedly shot. Macomber, however, does finally shoot a lion during his second outing with Wilson and his wife. Upon approaching the injured lion hiding in the tall grasses, "Macomber heard the blood-choked coughing grant, and saw the swishing rush in the grass. The next this he knew he was running; running wildly, in panic in the open, running towards the stream" (DiYanni 347). Macomber does here what most any man would do if confrotned by a lion. He runs. His wife, however criticizes him for what she sees as weakness in her eyes. Another factor contributing to Francis Macomber's suffering self-esteem is that he must also withstand the constant disrespect from his own wife, Margot. She is the power in their marriage and refuses to let him show any type of influence in their relationship. Margot readily shows everyone around them how humiliated she is of her husband's actions even at the beginning of the safari when she shuns her husband's choice of drink. She maintains much control and is open with her affairs with other men. After the incident with lion and she witnesses Francis's terrified retreat from the lion, she blatantly "leaned forward over the low seat and kissed him on the mouth", referring to Robert Wilson (DiYanni 347). She does not consider any of Francis's feelings. When he asks her where she has been when she finally returns in the middle of the night to their tent, she reply's "Out to get a breath of air", to which Francis reply's "That's a new name for it. You are a bitch"(DiYanni 347). This seems to imply that this is not the first time she has been caught in an affair. She states that the reason for her behavior is the result of his cowardice. She turns to other men who demonstrate what she believes to be strength and bravery. She holds absolutely no respect for her husband, and insists on accompanying them on the safari even though even Wilson openly opposes her request and thinks to himself that "women are a nuisance on safari" (DiYanni 350). Francis Macomber, although wealthier and more prominent when compared to his safari leader, Robert Wilson, also lacks the strength and self-knowledge that Wilson seems to carry naturally in order to survive in the African wildlife. Wilson represents the brave and courageous man that Francis Macomber wants to become. He is introduced ordering a gimlet and therefore rejecting Macomber's kind of drink. Macomber feeling ashamed of himself and unsure of his choice changes his mind and orders the same drink. He is aware of his self-consciousness and asks Wilson to not talk about an earlier incident in which he had "bolted like a rabbit." Wilson, at this point, loses any respect he has at all for Macomber, "so he's

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Discussion 1 Essay

Discussion 1 Essay Discussion 1 Essay (1) Briefly describe the nature, aim, skills, and value of philosophy. Nature Philosophy begins with wonder, a search for unity of knowledge, and the desire to answer the general questions of life. The main questions are concerning â€Å"what if?† and asking the powerful question â€Å"why?† Questioning the familiar and challenge â€Å"accepted wisdom† is the nature of philosophy. â€Å"Why?† is the most profound question in the human language that reveals hidden assumptions and exposes the rationale of conclusions. Philosophy holds the desire for synthesis and integration, and â€Å"put[s] all of the pieces together.† Aim Philosophy is driven by the desire to evaluate principles of thought and reality in our universe. Its outcome is to make human existence more intelligible. It is a personal responsibility to ask many questions, find out the meaning of life and find purpose. Skills In order to learn and â€Å"do† philosophy, one must try to be a critical thinker. This is a list of skills a critical thinker possesses: Qualities of a critical thinker: -Open-minded- In discussions, he or she listens carefully to every viewpoint and evaluats each perspective carefully and fairly. -Knowledgeable- Opinions are based on facts and evidence. If there is lack of knowledge on a subject, he or she acknowledges this. -Mentally active- Takes initiative and actively uses intelligence to confront problems to meet challenges, instead of passively responding to events. -Curious- Explores situations and questions beneath the surface issues, instead of being satisfied with superficial explanations. -Independent thinkers- Unafraid to disagree with a group opinion. Develops well-supported beliefs through thoughtful analysis, instead of uncritically â€Å"borrowing† beliefs from others. -Skilled discussants- Is able to discuss ideas in an organized and intelligent way. Even when issues are controversial, he or she listens carefully to opposing viewpoints and responds thoughtfully. -Insightful- Is able to get to the heart of the issue and problem. Others may be distracted by details. He or she is able to zero in on the core and see the â€Å"forest† as well as the â€Å"trees.† -Self-aware- Awareness of own biases and quick to point them out. Takes this into consideration when analyzing a situation. -Creative- Breaks out of established patterns of thinking and approaches situations from an innovative directions. -Passionate ­- Has a

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Case Study on Organizational Behaviour and Analysis Essay

Case Study on Organizational Behaviour and Analysis - Essay Example Case Study on Organizational Behaviour and Analysis This is a testimony of the company’s positive organisational behaviour strategies, designed to retain employees and customers on a long term basis. The founder and present CEO, Howard Schultz has been pivotal in steering the company’s organisational behavioural systems over several years. Having nurtured and guided the company’s fortunes in its formative years, his return as CEO marks a new era in organisational success of the company. Initially, he was keen on opening new stores all over the country for which funds were required. He arranged for floating a $25 Million Initial Public Offering (IPO) during 1992, which provided necessary funds for his expansion plans to make Starbucks coffee drinking a part of a world wide accepted culture. However, over the years, impact of market forces led to downward trends in the business fortunes of Starbucks, and with receding markets and lowered profits, organisational remodelling, especially at the top level, was needed to solve the vexing issues that confronted the company and also provide sound and substantive leadership. It was also to provide organisational and managerial decision making processes, based on experiences to face competitive incursions into its business. Schultz provided organisational restructure when he decided to close down 100 underperforming stores and reduce opening of new stores to just 1,175 during the year, lower by 34% as compared to earlier figures. (Starbucks: Maintaining Principles as We Grow, p.16).